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Walmart GoLocal is uniquely positioned to offer reliable and flexible delivery solutions across multiple use cases. Learn how we have delivered on our clients' business needs.

Store to customer

Scale delivery from a local store

In today's shopping landscape, delivery timelines have become a critical factor in purchasing decisions. Consumers seek out businesses that can promptly deliver their orders to their doorstep, often within a day or even within hours of placing an order. 

In response to this evolving shopping behavior, businesses are realigning their delivery strategies to reduce cart abandonment based on delivery times. Walmart GoLocal serves as a local delivery partner for many businesses, offering same-day, next-day, and scheduled delivery, to adapt to consumer preferences.

Having a reliable local delivery partner such as Walmart GoLocal empowers businesses to avoid common shipping delays such as weather conditions, natural disasters, holiday peaks, and other uncontrollable circumstances. 

Customer receiving package

At Home Depot, one of our top priorities is delivering value and convenience for our customers. Partnering with Walmart GoLocal has allowed us to offer our rural market customers a faster and more reliable delivery experience. The collaboration efforts of this partnership have helped streamline our delivery process and improve on-time delivery in the markets served by Walmart GoLocal. We’re both dedicated to the customer experience and share a common goal to provide customers the flexibility to shop whenever, wherever and however they want.”

The Home Depot
John Drake, Vice President of Delivery

Inventory management & repositioning

Let your customers choose the product they want and the store they want to pick it up from, and Walmart GoLocal will deliver the product from one store to the next, so you don’t lose a sale. Inventory repositioning empowers businesses to quickly adapt to changing demand patterns and ensure that products are available where and when customers need them. 

With Walmart GoLocal, your business can rely on our local delivery solutions to minimize excess inventory levels—reducing holding costs and freeing up capital that can be invested elsewhere in the business. We offer an efficient way to move products between stores, thus minimizing disruption to the overall supply chain, as inventory can be easily repositioned without overhauls in distribution strategies. This strategic practice allows your business to sell more, reduce overall retail inventory management costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

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Fulfillment from distribution centers to retail stores

Businesses rely on centralized distribution centers to support their stores, but a logistical challenge may arise in the absence of a local delivery provider. While aiming to meet seasonal surges, businesses may face instances where store inventory runs out before subsequent shipments arrive, resulting in lost sales and customer dissatisfaction. This highlights the importance of a streamlined distribution system that incorporates a local delivery solution.

By leveraging Walmart’s local delivery network, businesses can achieve strategic inventory repositioning, ensuring products are promptly moved from centralized hubs to both local and distant stores. This approach reduces dependency on routine shipments, decreases delivery time, and enhances the overall supply chain by aligning inventory with varying store demands—ultimately improving customer service and resource utilization.

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We're excited to introduce this new delivery offering with Walmart GoLocal, which will make it easier for customers to order their favorite books and have their favorite stories at their fingertips. As retail and consumer preferences continue to evolve, we're thrilled to be bringing our customers this added convenience and serve them in new ways.”

Olivia McDaniel, Vice President, Marketing
Source: PRnewswire.com

Local delivery to support small businesses

Major retailers need a local delivery partner to address the needs of small businesses nearby, given the unpredictability of sales forecasts and the inventory management challenges SMBs often face. This symbiotic relationship and the presence of a local delivery provider in between allows small businesses to rely on larger enterprises to promptly fulfill their orders.

By leveraging Walmart GoLocal’s delivery solutions, major retailers establish timely and reliable supply to small businesses in the area, particularly during instances of unexpected inventory shortages. This involves consolidating orders, optimizing delivery routes, and utilizing advanced inventory management systems to cater to the diverse needs of multiple small businesses simultaneously.

Driver handing a box to a customer, delivery to support small businesses

Offering same-day delivery with Walmart GoLocal will further expand our reach and bring added convenience to automotive parts buyers and sellers nationwide.”

Revolution Parts
Ibrahim Mesbah, CEO
Source: businesswire.com

Delivery from distribution or fulfillment centers

In today's competitive landscape, providing timely and exceptional customer service is pivotal for all businesses, including those with limited inventory storage or no physical store. Last-mile strategy and retail operations have evolved significantly for e-commerce businesses with limited storage capacity to prevent cart abandonment and meet customer delivery expectations.

Instead of investing in increased storage capacity or establishing brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce businesses are turning to local distribution or fulfillment centers to effectively manage inventory and drive sales. This often involves partnering with a local delivery provider to facilitate direct inventory movement from local distribution centers to customers for timely and improved delivery. Walmart GoLocal serves as a last-mile delivery partner for numerous e-commerce businesses with no or limited back-of-house inventory space to augment delivery from regional distribution centers to customers.

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Walmart GoLocal is a perfect fit for the value of our solution. We enable organizations to avoid building additional warehouse space and provide next- and two-day time and transit across the country through leveraging Walmart GoLocal's local delivery solutions and retail and logistics expertise.”

Prasanna Gogwekar, Chief Operating Officer
Source: businesswire.com

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