Five ways to enhance delivery & drive customer loyalty

By Alex Rosen, Head of Channel Partnerships

October 27, 2023  |  3 Min. Read  |  Insights

When it comes to online shopping and delivery, customers have grown to expect a frictionless and fast experience. When they place an order online, they expect to receive it within their specified timeframe, often same- or next-day.

With 70% of customers dropping off at the point-of-purchase, retailers must ace the checkout experience – including delivery – if they want to win and retain customers. 

74% of shoppers say it takes no more than three bad experiences to abandon a brand. In a ‘now economy,’ retailers must overcome certain barriers to achieve longevity and growth. A seamless customer experience is table stakes – from minimizing customer distractions during checkout and providing desired payment options to offering guest checkout and supplying accurate delivery windows.

In listening tours with our clients and research, we have discovered some common factors to their continual growth and success and are sharing them on our blog. Retailers can enhance their customers’ online shopping and delivery experience using these five simple strategies:

Gain & retain customers with these 5 delivery strategies

5 delivery strategies to enhance customer experience

1. Ace your delivery promise and customer service-level agreements (SLAs):

Retailers should start by evaluating their delivery promise and verifying that the delivery promise addresses customer expectations. It's easy to think ASAP delivery is always best, but that’s not always the case. It’s more important to consider your item or merchandise type and your customer expectations. Oftentimes, offering same- or next-day delivery is just as effective and may provide some cost savings. See our unscheduled delivery blog article to learn more.

2. Put delivery information front and center:

As delivery becomes increasingly important to customers, clearly outline delivery speed and cost on product pages and in the checkout experience. Savvy retailers surface essential information, including payment and delivery options, early in the experience so customers don’t have to click 10 times to find that information.

3. Own the customer experience:

Brands and retailers want better relationships with their customers. Instead of sending customers to a third-party app for delivery, keep them on your website and own that customer journey. For example, offering white-label delivery through a partner like Walmart GoLocal means retailers can own the customer experience end-to-end. Owning the customer experience end-to-end provides a better experience for your customers, helps retailers maintain a competitive advantage, and encourages brand loyalty and retention.

4. Promote your capabilities:

Customer awareness is key throughout this process. Promote your delivery capabilities on your product and checkout pages and consider other tactics for promoting your delivery offerings, such as social and targeted email campaigns. The more consumers know about your offering, the better. Many retailers are adopting unified engagement platforms to simplify and operationalize data, enabling personalized and seamless experiences across touchpoints and interactions. According to Salesforce data, 60% of retailers surveyed are in the strategy or execution phase of these initiatives, while another 11% are already realizing the benefits. 

5. Close the last mile gap:

The last mile can be the hardest mile and is often where the customer experience collapses and fails. This can be especially true for small and midsize businesses which often lack scale and infrastructure, but you don’t have to do it alone. Consider working with a delivery solution provider like Walmart GoLocal that offers white-label delivery and dedicated client support. Walmart GoLocal works closely with retailers of all sizes to build and scale the delivery solutions that are right for them based on their unique business objectives.

“Remember: early is not on time, just as much as late is not on time. It may seem counter intuitive but within the digital environment of eCommerce, personalization is key.” - Michelle Grant, Director of Industry Insights at Salesforce

“Often, we think of a customer’s satisfaction with the delivery of their item in terms of timing, but there are many common pitfalls along each customer touchpoint that can result in an unsatisfactory experience,” said Michelle Grant, Director of Industry Insights at Salesforce. “Earning lasting loyalty through delivery is all about meeting expectations that are customizable to the customer. Where exactly do they want their package delivered and when? Remember: early is not on time, just as much as late is not on time. It may seem counter intuitive but within the digital environment of eCommerce, personalization is key.”

Through Walmart GoLocal’s partnership with Salesforce, retailers have access to seamless turnkey pickup and delivery solutions. Walmart GoLocal delivery solutions are available through the Salesforce AppExchange, providing retailers with access to technologies and solutions that power frictionless local pickup and delivery experiences for shoppers everywhere. Contact us to enhance your ecommerce and delivery experience. 

Retailers who get delivery right will be well positioned to drive customer purchases and increase loyalty and retention not only in the upcoming peak holiday season but also throughout the year.