A Fresh Perspective: Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Lowering Costs for 1-800-Flowers

April 30, 2024  |  3 Min. Read  |  Insights

Customers expect reliable and efficient delivery services, and those expectations are even greater when delivering gifts and fresh items, like flowers. For 1-800-Flowers, a leading floral retailer delivering 100 million stems annually, finding a last-mile delivery partner that could meet their high standards of quality and flexibility was essential.

1-800-Flowers and Walmart GoLocal have worked together for nearly two years, and today Walmart GoLocal enables deliveries across hundreds of 1-800-Flowers shops. Jaime Castellanos, a franchise owner in California, said flower delivery is highly personal.

“Flower delivery is pretty special to our customers, because we are connecting customers who express their emotions through flowers. So it’s a very personal, emotional purchase.” 

Delivery with Walmart GoLocal has helped shop owners like Jaime save time, lower costs and increase efficiency while meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

“Walmart, being a retailer, understands the importance of serving the customer. So it allows us to do that last mile of the delivery in a convenient and effective way,” said Castellanos. “It also makes financial sense in operations. We were able to save about 20% of our labor costs on the delivery.”

Walmart GoLocal offers route optimization and batched delivery, which enables 1-800-Flowers to fulfill orders more efficiently and at a lower cost. It’s also helped save them time. 1-800-Flowers is using other features like proof of delivery, which has helped improve reliability and customer satisfaction. 

Customers can track every step of the process, from order creation to receipt by the gift recipient. This not only satisfies customer expectations but also minimizes order cancellations and customer complaints. Walmart GoLocal is white-label, so 1-800-Flowers owns the customer experience end-to-end.

“I know that by using Walmart GoLocal, I have increased the customer satisfaction on the delivery and we’re able to do a lot more delivery orders this year without any customer complaints,” said Castellanos.

woman arranging flowers for a flower bouquet

Their customers praise their delivery service too. “The delivery experience with 1-800-Flowers is so seamless, so easy,” said Bia Bauzys, a 1-800-Flowers customer. “Sending flowers to someone is such a simple way to show that you care. Making the flower ordering and delivery process simple and stress free just makes it a better experience.”

Leveraging Walmart GoLocal delivery has also freed up additional time for 1-800-Flowers employees so they can focus on what they do best – creating stunning floral arrangements and providing excellent customer service. Using Walmart GoLocal’s Book Delivery Portal makes it easy to fulfill orders.

Khalil Burn, a 1-800-Flowers employee, noted how easy it is to use the service. “All we have to do is click a few buttons on the computer; someone will come pick up the order, drop it off, and they’ll send a photo to prove that they delivered the order successfully.” 

By choosing Walmart GoLocal, shop owners can benefit from cost savings and seamless integration, all while meeting the growing demands of their customers. And it’s easy for other shops to sign up to use the service through BloomNet’s portal. 

Castellanos said it best, “Walmart GoLocal is easy to use, convenient, you can use it from day one just by clicking a few buttons. And it just works for us.”

To learn more about how Walmart GoLocal can work for your business, reach out to our team.